Promote Cross-cultural Collaboration of Music Internationally

Musicus is inviting Hong Kong students and recent graduates to take part in its “Call for Scores” project, where selected winners are commissioned to create new works for its Jockey Club Musicus Heritage concerts through artist residencies at designated heritage sites, affording them inspiration to compose. This new work will be performed by established artists as a world premiere.

“Call for Scores” is part of the Musicus Inspires! education program, which aims to cultivate young talents, giving them opportunities to work with international artists and help them improve as artists.

Applications for Call for Scores 2024 have now closed. Thank you for supporting the competition.

  • Applicants must be aged between 16 and 35, who are permanent residents of Hong Kong
  • Applicants should be current students or recent graduates (who graduated in or
    after 2022)
  • Previous winners of 2021 or before can apply again

application procedures 
  1. A copy of Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card
  2. A copy of student ID from the current institution (for current students only) OR a copy of graduation diploma or certificate from the most recent institution (for graduates only) 
  3. Short bio of the composer in English (200 words)
  4. Audio recording of one complete work of good sound quality, preferably in chamber music setting (must provide downloadable link)
    *The recording must be of LIVE performers, and NOT digitally produced such as from MIDI or other similar tools.
  5. Score of the work (in PDF format)
  6. Program notes of the work in English (in PDF format)
3 March 2024 (Sun)


Winners of Call for Scores include (in alphabetical order):
  • Chan Ho-yi, David (2017)
  • Chan Yik-heng, Eason (2022)
  • Chen Yeung-ping (2017)
  • Hippocrates Cheng (2016)
  • Chow Tsz-hin (2020)
  • Fung Dic-lun, Gordon (2014)
  • Mei-yan Denise Hofmann (2016)
  • Kenny Lam (2013)
  • Lau Hiu-kong, Lawrence (2014)
  • Jeff Leung (2013)
  • Leung Yan-ting, Tiffany (2019)
  • Kenneth Li (2023)
  • Jason Liu (2020)
  • Luk Wai-chun (2021)
  • Tsang Lok-yan (2018)
  • Roydon Tse (2015)
  • Tsui Mei-ling, Meilina (2019)
  • Virginia Wan (2018)
  • Wong Chun-wai (2014)
  • Willis Wong (2015)