Promote Cross-cultural Collaboration of Music Internationally

Our Story

"Musicus" is a word that makes you wonder.

Some might recognize it as the Latin for "musician". Others might consider it a combination of "music" and "us" and a reflection on how music is something that connects people right around the world.

The truth is that the Musicus Society would like you to take the word's meaning both ways.

When the Musicus Society was founded as a registered charity under the vision of cellist Trey Lee in 2010, the aim was to promote music and its education through cross-cultural collaborations.
Trey Lee
Artistic Director Trey Lee
So, at first, "Music Society" seemed a good fit.

But there seem to be so many of those already.

Besides, what Trey wanted to do was about so much more. The Society would be about cross-cultural collaborations between local and overseas artists, about the commissioning of new music based on Chinese culture, and it would be about the support of music education for students of all social backgrounds to foster future cultural ambassadors from Hong Kong.

So that's how the Musicus Society came into being. The Musicus Society is about musicians, it's about music, and it's about us.