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Promote Cross-cultural Collaboration of Music Internationally

Young Artist Audition

Since the founding of Musicus Society in 2010, a considerable number of young artists have received the Society’s support in launching their career as professional musicians. Through the Society’s annual Musicus Fest, community concerts at local heritage sites and year-round outreach educational activities, these young artists are given opportunities to work and perform with established artists, and thereby enhancing their exposure and experience.

The objective of the Young Artist Audition is to enlist promising Hong Kong talents to participate in Musicus Society’s concerts or outreach events.

Solo pianists and string players (violinist, violist, cellist and double bassist) born in 1991 or after, who are permanent residents of Hong Kong and current students / recent graduates (who have graduated in or after 2019) from music conservatories / equivalent institutions

Application procedures 
  • Complete the online application and upload YouTube links of two unedited audition videos (including one movement from a standard concerto from the Classical / Romantic period and an own choice). Recordings made in the last 12 months prior to the submission deadline might be used. The videos should be of good sound quality. No editing on the video is permitted. The video of the applicant should be recorded from only ONE camera in a fixed position. String players should be facing the camera and not away from it. The applicant should make the best effort to send in a clear sound quality; otherwise, bad sound quality may adversely affect the applicant's chances. If there is piano accompaniment, skip all long tutti passages where applicant is not playing.

  • Email the following supporting materials to
  1. Documentation of Hong Kong citizenship or copy of HKID
  2. Copy of valid student ID / Graduation diploma or certificate from the current/ most recent institution attended
  3. A letter of recommendation from a teacher or mentor
23 Apr, 2021 (Fri) 

Awardees of the Young Artist Audition include (in alphabetical order):


  • Chau Kei-lok, Sirius (flute) (2019)
  • Choi Kwan-yeung, Brian (violin) (2018)
  • Fan Hiu-sing (violin) (2021)
  • Hao Lap-hei, Jeremy (violin) (2020)
  • Lau Shing-ho, Alexander (piano) (2019)

Honorable Mentions

  • Chan Sin-ying, Angela (violin) (2019)
  • Chin Chak-sum, Matthew (violin) (2020)
  • Lau Kwan-hon, Gordon (viola) (2019)
  • Law Jonathan Dominic (double bass) (2020)
  • Lee Sze-hei, Victor (double bass) (2019)
  • Lee Yat (viola) (2021)
  • Leung Yick-cheung, Jonathan (violin) (2019)
  • Poon Wing-pong, Anthony (violin) (2021)
  • Sun Hsin-hou (cello) (2020)
  • Tsang Hin-yat (piano) (2021)
  • Wong Sin-i, Nina (violin) (2020)
  • Wong Tai-shing, Calvin (cello) (2019)
  • Wong Wai-yuen (piano) (2019)
  • Yeung Choi-tung, Cherry (violin) (2020)
  • Yeung Man-yin, Hazel (violin) (2020)