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My hands got injured from over-practicing. I was criticized by my teacher as lacking music knowledge but I didn’t give up. Practicing piano is still my greatest pleasure.
Alexander’s parents told their boy how he fell in love with the piano before even started playing it. “When I was about two years old, my parents would bring me to this shopping mall where there’s a music shop. Whenever we passed by this shop, I would point to those pianos and urged them to let me play the instrument. My parents finally signed me up for piano lessons when I was three and I didn’t start until I was four years old.” Alexander's decision on pursuing music came when he was in Form 3 as he wasn’t particularly fond of academic learning. “My father didn’t oppose this decision but he wanted me to finish secondary school.”

Alexander’s musical journey blossomed when he entered the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts Junior Music Department. However, it hasn’t always been easy. “My hands got injured from over-practicing for my piano exam during summer holidays in Form 3. My performance was greatly affected and I thought that my musical path might come to an end. After rehabilitation, I spent two years starting all over from basic techniques before preparing for the exam again.” At that time, Alexander was always criticized by his teacher Professor Gabriel Kwok. “He told me to broaden my music knowledge instead of just focusing on techniques and skills. I started to go to libraries and read. It wasn’t easy at all but I didn’t give up. I later realized that music theory and knowledge are as important because analysing the music and understanding the composers could greatly enhance my performance.”

Alexander is currently pursuing his Master degree in the Royal College of Music. He is a winner of the 2019 Young Artist Audition of Musicus Society and practicing piano is still his greatest pleasure.

Last update Nov 2019