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Bobbylon Suite

Violins, viola, cello and pipa
16 Sep 2023 (Sat)
World Premiere
  • Date & Time
    16 September 2023 (Sat) 2pm | 4pm
  • Concert
    Jockey Club Musicus Heritage Stories Concerts: Ebb and Flow
  • Venue
    The Warehouse Teenage Club
  • Artists
    , violin
    , violin
    , viola
    , cello
    , pipa
Bobbylon Suite for violins, viola, cello and pipa

I. Promenade
II. Casa Coppa
III. Bobby
IV. The Extravaganza of Now

Erected in 1950, the gravestone of police dog Bobby is inscribed with the words, “May Bobby rest in peace and his cries ring forever,” and can still be found on the hill behind The Warehouse Teenage Club. Through the Bobbylon Suite, Bobby’s spirit will lead a musical tour around Aberdeen and Ap Lei Chau, experiencing local customs and culture.

 The first movement, “Promenade”, begins with a “salt-water” song, traditional ballads sung by the local fishing community, and opens to a scene of fishing boats, the sea, old shops, and people’s lives. The playful Bobby greets everyone cheerfully, then casually strolls towards The Warehouse, where the Old Aberdeen Police Station was located.

The police station not only served as the office but also the living quarters of the officers, making them a part of the neighbourhood. In “Casa Coppa”, you can hear, along with the stern yet genial police officers, the conversations between the fishing ballads and the residents. Surprisingly, Bobby joins the foot drill, blending in and looking proud!

As night falls, Bobby has been out and about all day and slowly heads back to his grave. The bells clang to signal it was time for Bobby’s spirit to rest. Bobby glances back. This world seems so beautiful and kind through his eyes. He wishes he could stay, but his eyelids are growing heavy.

Soon, another new day has arrived. The Warehouse is still full of vigour and vibrancy, celebrating and embracing its history and culture to carry them forward. In “The Extravaganza of Now”, the earlier themes reappear with the rhythms becoming more and more intense, just like this ever-changing society.

Program note by Kenneth Li
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