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Music is more than just awards. I enjoy chamber music, because it means I play with a group of people. The feeling is infectious.
Despite his parents not being musicians, Sirius fell in love with music from an early age. "My parents told me when I was a child, I once pointed at a piano in a shop and said I wanted to play it."
Sirius began to learn the piano when he was just six. When he was eight, his older sister bought a flute and he began to play that too, quickly falling in love with the instrument. "I don't know why, but the flute felt perfect for me."
Today, Sirius holds an Artist Diploma in Performance from the Royal College of Music and became a winner of the 2019 Young Artist Audition of Musicus Society. Actually, he set his own path back in high school. “Back then, I asked my parents if I could email The Juilliard School in New York for entrance information, because I had just watched August Rush, a movie set in the School about a gifted child and that made me yearn for the place."
His parents didn’t object and only hoped Sirius would do well in the public exam. “They told me to first find out what music was about and that I might face numerous difficulties in the field." Sirius followed their advice and decided to pursue music as his career.
Sirius particularly enjoys the competitions, “I hope to build my reputation and prove my ability through competitions. Even losing is a driving force for me. I often remember what father my once said: music is subjective, everyone's criteria are different, just because one judge doesn’t grade you well, doesn’t mean the next won’t appreciate you.”
“The biggest benefit in competing is that you can talk with the judges. Their ideas might be totally different, but it’s not about true or false, it's about making me think from a different perspective.”
In addition to being awarded by Musicus Society, Sirius recently received the Tagore Gold Medal from His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales and Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother Scholarship at the Royal College of Music, and he's a prize-winner of the 2020 Royal Over-Seas League Music Competition. But of course, music for him is about more than just awards.
“The flute plays an important role in the orchestra. I enjoy chamber music, because it means I play with a group of people. The feeling is infectious.”

Last updated April 2020