Ursula Volkmann

Producer and Writer


Since her early childhood Ursula Volkmann has been passionately involved with music and dance. Sher received her Master’s degree in musicology from Université Paris. As a soprano, Ursula Volkmann is a member of the vocal ensemble Coro Polifonico Guido Guinizelli. Volkmann has also worked in the management teams of the Gustav Mahler Youth Orchestra (Vienna) and the Mahler Chamber Orchestra (Berlin).

Following an acting workshop under the direction of Antonio Fava, one of the leading specialists in Commedia dell’Arte, she decided to dedicate herself intensively to acting, giving her debut at the Cook Theatre in Sarasota in 2005 with Vita, Morte e Resurrezione di Pulcinella. Apart from engaging in other workshops and productions directed by Antonio Fava, Volkmann continued her training as an actress with Riccardo Vannuccini (founder of the multi-ethnic theatre company Il Cane Pezzato) und Jean-Paul Denizon (former assistant of Peter Brook) amongst others and performed in their productions.

As a member of the theatre company Arété Ensemble, Volkmann has been focusing on theatre for children and young people in recent years, both as an actress and an author. She was involved in a new production of the Emperor’s New Clothes. She has also conducted bilingual stage readings and acting workshops for children. Volkmann also volunteered for the Fondazione Cusani Onlus, which promotes orchestral playing at public schools in socially deprived districts of Rome.