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Promoting Music through Cross-cultural Collaboration

Concerts & Events

Musicus Fest
"The career of a professional musician has always encompassed a multitude of roles, going from the concert hall into the teaching studio, and venturing out into the wider community; the musician's work can take place in intimate historic sites as well as vast modern venues. In this spirit, Musicus Fest incorporates a holistic approach to music making and the musicians themselves."
Trey Lee, Artistic Director

Musical Encounters between Hong Kong and the World

Musicus Fest is a meeting point for artists from across the world. It helps them to inspire and interact with future generations. Great artists are not only born with great talent, they are also influenced by their peers and those who have come before them, through traditions and knowledge passed down from previous generations. The Musicus Fest will give Hong Kong artists and students what their counterparts elsewhere have long enjoyed: a chance to elevate themselves to a higher level of artistic excellence through meaningful interaction with distinguished artists from different parts of the world.

Since the launch of Musicus Fest in 2013, over 100 artists from Albania, China, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Iceland, Italy, Norway, Romania, Russia, South Korea, Taiwan, the United Kingdom and the USA have appeared on stage in Hong Kong, presenting spectacular cross-cultural performances in conjunction with our local talents.
Musicus Fest 2020 - Musicus Society's 10th Anniversary Gala
  • 28 Nov 2020 (Sat) 8pm
  • Concert Hall, Hong Kong City Hall
  • 28 Nov 2020 (Sat) 8pm
  • Concert Hall, Hong Kong City Hall