Musical Tour – Hullett House, 1881 Heritage

A unique musical tour as we celebrate the heritage of the Former Marine Police Headquarters – now known as Hullett House in 1881 Heritage. Docent took the audience through three of the building’s 19th century Victorian-style rooms where short performances by featured Festival artists were be hosted, taking you back to a time when classical music was enjoyed in an intimate setting. The concert also featured compositions inspired by the history of the walls that will surround the audience, and composed by the rising stars of the Hong Kong music scene (Willis Wong “Sampling Tea”; Roydon Tse “In Suspension”). The tour began from the Courtyard of Hullett House where an outdoor exhibition (presented by Credit Suisse) was also featured.


Featuring Musicus Heritage Community Concert Series and Musical Tour:

2015.12.27  –  RTHK TV program Artspiration (in Cantonese only, from 12’55”)

Musical Tour Information


Nov 28, 2015 (Sat)


1pm (English) | 3pm, 5pm (Cantonese)


Hullett House, 1881 Heritage

Program details

1pm (English)


Clarinet Sonata: 1st and 2nd movements


Duo for Two Violins (excerpts)

Willis Wong

Sampling Tea
(Commissioned work inspired by Former Marine Police Headquarters)

3pm (Cantonese)

Roydon Tse

In Suspension
(Commissioned work inspired by Former Marine Police Headquarters)

Liu Dehai



Violin Sonata No. 1: 3rd movement

5pm (Cantonese)


Notturno (excerpts)


Clarinet Sonata: 4th movement

Elena Cheah

The Prophet of Seville: a flamenco-inspired improvisation for cello solo