Tranquility and Purification

  • Composer Hippocrates Cheng
  • Violin, Erhu

Tranquility and Purification was inspired by the contrast of the ancient architectural garden of Nan Lian and the surrounding modern cityscape which juxtaposed both the old and new, by using erhu and violin.

There is a story behind the piece. A traveller (violin), coming from a metropolis, kept traveling in order to search for ‘real’ spiritual and mental peace and hopes to resolve his inner instability and conflicts. He traveled to many places but still could not find his ideal place. One day, he came to the ancient architectural garden of Nan Lian and found it very special. He felt the calmness and peace of the garden.

Then, he met a monk (erhu) inside the garden. The traveller kept asking the monk how to achieve inner peace. The monk did not answer the traveller directly. Instead, the monk talked about his own story and values, like a monologue. During their ‘conversation’, the traveller was inspired by the monk and seemed to find his way for his future. On the other hand, the monk was also inspired by the traveller’s situation and developed his own new aspect of life and living.

The two strong characters are represented by the violin (modern) and erhu (old) and juxtaposed respectively throughout the piece.

World Premiere

Date Nov 24, 2016
Concert: Musicus Heritage 2016 - A Fiddler in the City: Improvising on Hong Kong with Pekka Kuusisto
Venue: Nan Lian Garden, Xiang Hai Xuan
Artists: Pekka Kuusisto, Violin
Mak Ka-yin, Erhu

Other Concerts

Musicus Fest 2016 Chamber Music Gala: The Garden of Earthly Delights


Nov 25, 2016


Hong Kong City Hall Theatre


Pekka Kuusisto, Violin
Mak Ka-yin, Erhu