The Living Curio

  • Composer Lau Hiu-kong Lawrence
  • Violin, Viola, Cello, Erhu

Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Centre, located in Kowloon Park and constructed around 1910, is a historical building known formerly as the Whitfield Barracks. It is known for its irreplaceable historical value and unique architecture. Composer Lawrence Lau is impressed by its history and architecture, and inspired by how the building witnessed, preserved and presented Hong Kong’s history during its lifetime. This piece is dedicated to this respectable building.

The Living Curio can be divided into two main sections. The first slow section begins with a lyrical melody played by the cello with harmonics, representing the modernity and spaciousness projected by the glass wall in the building. Meanwhile, the fast passages of erhu represents the vitality of the preserved heritage out of the apparent calmness. The music gradually moves to the second section with a faster pulse, where eastern and western instruments embrace each other. A series of unexpected changes concludes the piece with joy.

World Premiere

Date Nov 30, 2014
Concert Musicus Heritage Community Concert
Venue Lecture Hall, Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Centre
Artists Ning Feng, Violin
Andrew Ling, Viola
Trey Lee, Cello
Wong Chi-chung, Erhu