Souvenir de Pingshan

  • Composer Fung Dic-lun Gordon
  • Piano, Viola, Pipa

This composition draws its inspiration from the Fung Ping Shan Building, part of the University Museum and Art Gallery of the University of Hong Kong. The opening and closing sections, with harmonics which reminisce greatly of the Chinese qin, immerse into the atmosphere of the building, characterised by its elegance and antiquity. The middle section is inspired by a painting of Hon Chi-fun’s Lion Rock Mountain (1958), once exhibited in the gallery in 2012. The picture displays a serene scene of Hong Kong, as it was at the time of the painting. It is unfortunate we can no longer experience the tranquillity, as the city has been over developed. The composer wishes to continue his work in the future with other exhibited works.

World Premiere

Date Nov 28, 2014
Concert Musicus Heritage Community Concert
Venue Fung Ping Shan Building, University Museum and Art Gallery, The University of Hong Kong
Artists Vladimir Mendelssohn, Viola
Rachel Cheung, Piano
Belle Shiu, Pipa