Sonic Plaque

  • Composer Chen Yeung-ping
  • Violin, Viola, Zheng

Sonic Plaque is inspired by the historical Convocation Room of The University of Hong Kong. For me, this square and neatly furnished meeting space shows a unique diffusion of Chinese and Western exquisiteness and symmetry. My work serves as a musical plaque resonating the stimulating character of this elegant room.

Traditionally, a plaque (a horizontal inscribed board) hung in the middle of a room can respond to the symmetrical layout of the space. But at the same time, through its inscription and content, an artistic plaque can subtly break and rectify the tedious quality that is caused by excessive symmetry. It also brings the space with a unique character and wondrous dimensionality.

The work is a trio for the violin, viola and guzheng, and this mixed instrumental music is based upon this spatial idea.


– Chen Yeung-ping

World Premiere

Date Aug 4, 2017 6pm
Concert Musicus Heritage: A Habsburg Convocation
Venue Convocation Room, The University of Hong Kong
Artists Jan Soderblom, Violin
Born Lau, Viola
Yeung Ching-ho, Guzheng